Monday, November 05, 2007

Green Week ... Monday......

Today starts Green Week. I try but I do not think I am very green. I do recycle and try to use less energy but I think I could do better. I need to make an effort to try to be better at this. Here are a few people I think are much better at it...... - they are traveling the country in a veggie oil RV trying to promote green living. - she was even looking into buying "green" jeans!!! - and she made her own grocery bag instead of using the plastic ones at the grocery store!!
I always admire those who bring their own bags to the store. Most stores even give you a few pennies off your bill if you bring your own bags. Every penny adds up in my eyes! I do like having those plastic bags I get from the store though. I use them and therefore feel like I am recycling them. I could do better though and not get them at all or only get 1 or 2 each visit and use my own bags for the rest. I posted this before but I thought it was worth repeating today since it went with the theme. Go here.. to register and recieve a free tote bag that I think would be perfect for groceries! I am willing to advertise for just about anyone if they give me a free bag!! - sign up for the vaccine education newsletter and recieve a free first aid kit. - this is one for the men! My DH would like this freebie!! - go here to find out more about cleaning your house in a way that is green friendly! - check out my ebay auctions!

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