Monday, December 10, 2007

Teacher Gifts......

This is a tough one for family's ever holiday season. I am not a fan of cute little teacher gifts. I think teachers get so many things they can not use and parents give those things out of feeling they need to give something. It is a waste of money for the family. My favorite thing to give is gift cards. They come in every dollar amount so you can always find one you can afford. Who couldn't use a gas card these days but who need one more ornament or some home made cookies that will most likely get throw away. If you want to let your kids make something for the teacher here are a few sites with ideas.
Easy Christmas Gifts for Teachers: Choosing Creative, Inexpensive Holiday Gifts Teachers Will Cherish
Looking for Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas
101 Great Gifts to Make - Christmas Gift Ideas and Projects
I also give to my kids bus drivers... last year I gave a gift card for a free sandwich at a local sandwich shop, a can of soda and a bag of chips all neatly wrapped in a holiday bag with a note to enjoy lunch on our family. My DS even has 2 therapists he sees at school. I give them gift cards to Dunkin Donuts. What do you give your children's teachers??


MoneyCommonSense said...

My kids are still young enough that they don't have teachers yet. But I agree that useful gifts are the way to go and I really like the idea of the gas card. I bet they would love that.

Frugal Finds said...

Thanks for the comments. I just hate it when I hear someone say they bought a gift for a teacher just so they had something to give and never thought of what the person might be able to use or want (this pertains to anyone really but teachers were my topic here). A $5 gift card would be appreciated so much more than a $10 piece of crap that will go in a closet! Just my thoughts.... Carol

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