Thursday, December 13, 2007


The kids are home from school because we are having an ice storm. They are driving me nuts! I find looking at this tree very calming instead of turning to alcohol for some support. My tree is full of Santa's that I have been collecting for many years and have displayed on this tree. We have a second tree in the reck room with all the other ornament including all the ones the kids have made over the years.
I am afraid we will lose power so I have a nice fire going in the fireplace. It also saves lots of money on the hear bill. Ice storms aren't all bad... they create future firewood and are very pretty... if you can look at the beaty from the comfort and safety from your own home.
These blocks did keep the kids busy for 20 minutes. Now they are fighting again! I think teachers should send home extra homework on early dismissal days. Parents like me would appreciate it!!

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Lisa said...

I feel for you. Rite now I'm pulling my hair out, I hate it when son! He missed Monday and wednesday because he was ill. Tuesday was an ice day here for him. So now we have two days of make up work plus todays homework!

I'm eating candy canes to stay away from the eggnog and rum!

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