Thursday, December 20, 2007


Last night I made 3 more batches of cookies. The above cookies were made in a Wilton mold similar to this one... Wilton Cookie Maker English Tea Classic Cookie Mold. I was very nervous about using it since it was my first time. I used the recipe on the tray wrapper and they turned out great!! DH and the kids had a blast decorating them!!
Here are my peanut butter cookies that I made from a recipe my mom used when I was growing up. This was the first year I made the chocolate cookies. I thought they looked so cool on this blog... Party Of Seven: Cookie Recipe: Chocolate Crinkles so I had to try them DH says they are fantastic!
If you noticed my cookies are all the same size, it is because I have one of these... OXO Good Grips Cookie Scoop - PARENT to scoop them out. It saves times and is less of a mess. I love it! I also mix my batter in this... KitchenAid? Professional 600 6-Quart Mixer. Mine is black. I got it as a Christmas gift 2 years ago. It works great for cookie batter!!

Just one more thing I would like to have!!! Without power for 2 days I felt like I was living The Long Winter. There were a few differences though.. we had enough food and fire wood and the buckets of water did not have ice on them yet. This is a great winter read.. you are never too old to enjoy these books!!

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I'm the Mom said...

The butter cookies look great Carol! Family did an great job decorating them. Sorry I missed lunch, me and the boys fell asleep.

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