Friday, April 25, 2008


We will be heading to the farmer's market late this evening. I find much better deals at the end of the night. They start marking fruit and veggies down so they do not have to take them home. I do not always think the prices are better than the grocery store but last week they were. This week I plan on going back and buying much more than I did last week but I will wait until almost closing time to get even better deals. Just another way to say a few bucks.
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Aquafresh - printable coupon
A Full Cup - Coupon Generator - check out Target's printable coupons. Target will accept their coupon and a manufacturer's coupon on each item. That is how I did so well yesterday.


mom_of2boys said...

I need to find a farmer's market in my area. I hear what good deals people get from them...and I'm jealous!

Christine said...

Besides the good deals you get, you are supporting local farmers and helping the environment by reducing the veggies that have to travel from places like Peru to get to you. Farmers Markets are great!

erin said...

being as frugal as you are how do you sign up for these coupon things when to sign up you have to buy something? just wondering bc i just tried to sign up for the coupon generator for target stuff and after the "30 sec" sign up i had to buy something. is anything really free? so i cancelled it all out. help?

Frugal Finds said...

Erin, I never pay to sign up for deals. The Target coupon I print are all free. Use the web address I posted above. If you have any more questions about this or problens with it, feel free to email me at I would be glad to help you!
Frugal Carol

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