Wednesday, April 23, 2008


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I have been considering it for a few years but, after reading this Living Plastic Free - YearTwo: Top 10 Tips to Reduce Plastic: Tip #2 yesterday, I think our family is ready to switch over to cloth grocery bags. You get a few cents off your bill at most grocery stores each time you use your own cloth bags but that is not why we have decided to switch. We want to be better about helping the environment - plain and simple. I have a few bags already but I will add one each time I shop at the store until I have enough. I need to keep them in my car or I will never remember to take them with me. I am not sure what I will do about the fruit bags I normally use. I may just take a basket with me to put all my fresh produce in. That will be the hardest part us. I am not concerned about the germs since I wash everything before eating it. I just like my things bundled together. - coupon for a free bag - would be great to use for groceries!!!

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