Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Years Day......

Well, here we are 2009. Another new year.

It is a tradition here to eat Pork and sauerkraut for good luck. I have some slow cooking in my crockpot. Any traditions in your neck of the woods?

I am also making some resolutions this year. Here is my short list.....

1. I am vowing to take some steps towards living a healthier life. I will be 42 this year and want to stay young. I will be walking more this year and sticking to it. Not only to lose weight but to have better health in general.

2. I would like to find more patience. I am wound tight most days. I would like to unwind a little and relax about life and be patient with others.

3. Our family started living a little "greener" in 2008 and I am happy with the progress we made. I would love to do a little better in 2009.

4. I want to build this blog just a little more in 2009. I have come a long way in the last 2 years but I would like to go just a little bit farther.

How about you? Any resolutions?


a corgi said...

all great resolutions Caro1! I'm thinking that pork/sauerkraut tradition has got to be a Pennsylvanian one since my mom used to cook that on New Year's and she/me were both in PA; enjoy!!

I bet you can stick with your resolutions since they are so doable!!

mine is to get closer to God this year :)

Happy New Year!


Wildwood Mama said...

Those are great resolutions. I need to work on my patience as well!

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