Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Let's see how cold it will get this week. We were at 14 degrees at 8:15 this morning! Imagine what it was at 5 AM! BBBBRRRRRRRR

I sent this bag full of boxtops to school with my DD. The class that has the most, wins a party. Have any to share? Her school also earns 10 cents per boxtop.

Gas-X - free sample

SUAVENOMICS - go sign up for a free bottle of suave!!

$5 Dinners: Designer Lunch Tote Giveaway - go enter to win a rocking lunch bag!! Reuseable too!!! Go green in style!!

1 comment:

stan said...

wow! That's too cold for a tropical creature like me!

That's nice of u to share the free stuff on the internet! Too bad I ain't in USA. Cheers!

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