Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Where I stand...

When I first became a stay at home mom, I found a few pen pals to swap coupons, form friendships, and give each other support. This really helped me fill the personal communication void that my then 2 year old was unable to fill. I think the pen pal thing worked out for all of us and nice friendships were formed.

2 1/2 years ago, I started working again. Yes, I work from home but I still have hours in my day where my time is dedicated to my job. Part of that time, I am on the phone with patients reminding them of appointments. This is a job a 10 year old could do. To break up the boredom, I play on the computer while I work. This give me plenty of time for my blog, keeping in touch with friends and just plain surfing (OK, I do like to play word twist with my Facebook friends too!) I no longer have time for the penpal thing and I think I left a few offended.

My bloggie friend Debbie wrote this post.. Suburb Sanity: I'm back, baby! about what would happen when her town found her blog. Well, I guess I never thought about what would happen when my old pen pals found my blog. I got a very hate filled letter from one this afternoon.

She read this story... Frugal Finds From your Frugal Friend: The funniest story..... and was very offended. She thinks that the "Itchy Vagina" woman may have been Jesus and I offended him. Well, I guess she should know more of the story then. I tell everyone that goes to this nail salon that she is my favorite tech and I always hope to get her. I have long conversations with her each time even though I have said she speaks "broken English". If she is Jesus, she already knows how much I really do like her even though she shouted across the nail salon that she has an "itchy vagina"!

Another blog I frequently read is... Beautiful Mess: What's the Difference. I love her post about opinions vs. judgement. This is an issue we all struggle with. I did not mean to be judgemental of the "itchy vagina" woman.... just relayed a funny story. I am sorry If you, Miss "Hate Filled Letter" do not see the humor in the situation. (should I have told the "Itchy Vagina Woman" she was making fun of me when she said "OH MY" when she saw how bad my eyebrows needed to be waxed that day?)

Another point that she goes on to make is that I should maybe volunteer in a soup kitchen instead of spending time in a nail salon or on the computer. Well, dear, I am on the computer while I am working to help support my family. Should I stop getting my nails done because Miss "Hate Filled Letter" thinks I should? Well, let's think about this. I work hard to take care of my family. If I want to spend a few dollars to get my nails done each month, should I be allowed?

The meaning of frugal is not to live without. It means to use your resources wisely as my friend bloggy friend Mercedes explains in this video clip... Today's TMJ4 - Special Assignment - Video - Mercedes on a Budget.

By stretching my dollars and living more frugal, I am able to afford a few extras in life. I have never once claimed to be poor on this blog. It has never been about how poor I am and what I can get free. I also never claimed to be financially well off. I live a middle class life just like the majority of you. My DH and I both work.

While everyone is allowed an opinion, I will stand by my words and say that I am not making fun of anyone... except maybe my family. Very rarely do I print controversial words in my blog or in comments in someone else's unless I have firm beliefs in what I am saying. Blogs are like television. If you do not like it... do stop to look at it! If you have your own opinion and want to be heard... write your won blog and keep your rude comments off mine because they will be deleted.

And... by the way.... I will be going to visit "Itchy Vagina" woman tomorrow for the first time since her problem. I will still be hoping to have her do my nails!


Kasey Hunt said...

Carol- Thank you for ending my day with a smile on my face. I think the itchy vagina woman story was and is so funny. I don't think you were being mean about it at all. That commenter must of been having a bad day. Also- thanks for the acknowledgment about the post. I"ve gotten lots of good responses from it. Keep on telling those funny stories. You gotta laugh in life!!!

Heidi said...

Oh Carol, so sorry about your rude commentor! I thought (and still think) the itchy vagina story was hilarious and IT DID HAPPEN, not like you made it up! And, I think tomorrow you should ask her if she got that "problem" all cleared up! :) Thanks for all of your wonderful (and educational/useful) posts! I appreciate you!!

Susie said...

Some people are so sensitive!

I saw that story on TMJ when it first aired. I love watching other bloggers and their success:-)

Debbie said...

OK person from Carol's past that has sent her a nasty letter - this comment is for you but since you are too much of a coward to leave your comment in public, like the rest of us who thought the itchy vagina story was a hoot, I have to respond to you through Carol's blog. If you are so sanctimonious to judge one of the nicest people I have met since I have been blogging, and someone I consider a true and wonderful friend, then you need to read that Bible you are throwing at her. I don't think Jesus wants us to judge each other. And if we decide we need to, be brave enough to do it so that those of us who love Carol can easily jump to her defense.
Sorry Carol. I just really love you and admire you and I guess I feel a little strongly about this. Delete this if you want. (And send me her mailing address if you want, too!)

Carey said...

Don't let it bother you, Carol. I'm sure that if itchy vagina woman felt the subject was too personal for you to be relaying, she wouldn't have been yelling it across the salon. The vast majority of us enjoyed the laugh.

Like I always tell my tween daughter... You are in charge of your feelings. If your feelings are hurt by this ex-pen pal, it's because you allow them to be. Choose to shrug it off. It's likely this woman is very unhappy in her own life. (I hope that doesn't sound condescending. I'm not a therapist - just the mom of an 8th grader). :)

Frugal Finds said...

Great advise Carey!!!!
I may just save this advise for my 5th grader!!

Terri said...

That is one of my fears! My sister was accosted when out in public by a blog reader, but it was funny!

Anonymous said...

Tell her to stuff it. Maybe she should be doing something else rather than reading your blog. Keep the blog going and the stories too! I love them! You know I do :-)


Lindsay said...

You go girl! Miss Hate Filled Letter wishes she was smart and frugal like you! Pure jealousy!

Lori of I'm no super Mom said...

I cannot believe some people! I don't comment here often, but I do love your blog! She needs to keep her mouth shut!

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