Friday, May 16, 2008

Frugal Friday.....

Here is what I got at my local Surefine grocery store this am. I had $9.80 in store sales savings and $7.00 in manufacturer coupons for a total of $25.62. I went there to check out the B1G2F on the Hatfield hot dogs. For $2.69 I got 3 packs of hot dogs!! Not bad! DS was home from school sick today and he picked the Shrek mac and cheese out but even that was on sale 4 for $3.00. I had coupons for the muffin mixes, baked beans, salad dressing, soft pretzels and Nesquick. The Spray in wash will be free after a mail in rebate. All in all, I thought I got pretty much for $25.
Dove® Body Lotion - free sample - Excedrin® - free sample
Freebies 4 Mom: Coupons 4 Mom - read here to find out where to get free salad dressing. I used my coupon this morning!!
Print Your Coupon - here is a freebie at Taco Bell!
Kroger - free samples
Redbox Codes - Get Free Movie Rentals from Redbox Inside Redbox- go here to get a long list of codes to get free movies from the "Red Box"!! I used one on Wednesday for the first time and it was very easy. DH tried to return it for me last night and the box would not take it. When He got home, I called the number on the DVD and he could tell by his computer that the box was full and gave me credit for an extra day. Very good customer service!!

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