Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thrifty Thursday.....

3 large coupon sections in this coming Sunday's paper!! This is usually a great time of year to stock up on things like mustard, hot dogs and soda. They are always on sale for the upcoming holiday weekend. My local Surefine store has a sale on hot dogs - b1g2f!! The sale starts tomorrow - I will be checking this one out. - printable rebate form for Wish Bone dressing. Watch the dates on this! It is for 3 days only! - printable rebate form for Pepcid
Hit The Preschool Trail with New Teddy Grahams Trail Mix - free sample on the bottom right corner - VIVA Paper Towels - free sample
Ghirardelli :: Made of Honor Movie Tickets - find out how to get a free movie ticket

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