Tuesday, May 20, 2008


As the economy gets worse, it makes me want to read the The Complete Tightwad Gazette again. Sure, it is a little dated but, it is still filled with a ton of information you can use to live a more frugal life in tough times. I am still looking for a copy of my own. I have read it 2 times already but would love to read it again. I may just use some Pay Per Post earnings to buy a copy at Amazon. Amy really needs to come out of retirement and bring her knowledge to us in these modern times. The True Queen Of Frugal Handprints on the Wall here is a post very similar to Amy's way of thinking. If you enjoy that, go here.. The True Queen Of Frugal Series: Lessons From Butterberry Farm Handprints on the Wall for an update.

Here is the spinach DH picked in the garden yesterday. It should be about 2 weeks worth of salads for DS. We have another row that will be ready in about a week and a half. Gardening really does pay off!

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Tenille said...

Just wondering if you saw this new interview with Amy D?


Frugal Finds said...

I did not see it! Thanks so much for sharing!! I am going there now!!!
Frugal Carol

Beth said...

Carol, I bought the Complete Tightwad Gazette a few years ago at Barnes & Noble - on clearance for $5.98! It still has the sticker, lol. I keep it on my night stand and read it often, sometimes it gives me a good chuckle. Sometimes it gives me a kick in the butt!

Frugal Finds said...

Beth, I wish I could find this book for that price! I may just break down and buy it on Amazon for $15 next month with my pay per post earnings. I agree.. some of her ideas are just way over the top for me and do provide a good laugh. Buth there is so much you can still use today. Ay the very least, the book really gets you to think outside the box!
Frugal Carol

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