Thursday, May 01, 2008

Lots of Pictures.....

I read many blogs each day while I sit here doing my Dr office phone calls. It keep me sane! Today, I read here
The Natural Mommy » It Works For Me, But I’m Open To Suggestions and here Gluten Free Frugal: Storing Spices about how they store their spices. I thought I would play along too. here is what works for me.......
This is the back of the door to my spice cabinet. I bought this rack when we moved into this house because I was determined I was going to be more organized in this house. This has worked out great!!
This is the bottom shelf in the cabinet. I have racks in here that look like steps so I can see what is behind the front row. It is not as good as I had hoped but it still works ok for me. I keep the most used stuff in the front row. There are probably a few things in the back row that should be thrown away but what if I need them? i have samples of Mrs Dash under the rack as well as a pack of straws.
How do you store your spices?

I was out running errands today. One stop was a local grocery chain to use some coupons. Look what I remembered to use today.... my cloth bags!! Yeah! I even bought the 2 green ones at the store to add to my collection since they were only 99 cents each. They are already back in my car!

Here is what I bought with coupons. This is everything I can home with. The total before sales and coupons was $56.92. Minus $4.10 in store sales and $33.76 in coupons and I paid $19.06 out of pocket! Great trip for a mostly real food shopping trip!! Wish me luck on that soy milk! I got them for 25 cents each after the printable coupons. I think the regular one I am going to sneak into the gallon of milk in the fridge. I was hoping thDH and DD would like the Vanilla one. I may just let them try both before trying to be a sneak.
I also had an appointment at an outgrown shop so they can sell my kids summer clothes from last year. They are very picky and are sometimes hard to deal with but it is extra money! They had $11.75 for me from last seasons sales. I bought all these items for $24.59. I have been having a problems finding cheap used clothing this year for my kids to wear to play in even after going to many yard sales. So, while this is not as cheap as I like to get things, it is still cheaper than buying new. I got 3 pairs of jean shorts, a jean skort, 3 tops, 2 puzzles and a book.


Beth said...

Carol hope you don't mind I'm adding your link to my blog - thanks for the birdhouse, I love it ;)

Also I drink soy milk. 2 of my kids like it, one doesn't - let them try it, you never know with kids, lol. I do sneak it into smoothies, they'll never know.

Frugal Finds said...

Thanks for the link Beth! I am glad to hear the birdhouse got there in one piece!! I added the extra cardboard to the box to protect it! We sold 3 more today at our roadside stand!
Well, DH and DD tried both soy milk's and hated them! I wish I could have found the chocolate. That may have had a chance. I will see if someone I know wants the milk. At least it was only 25 cents a 1/2 gallon.
Frugal Carol

Beth said...

My hubby came home the other day with COFFEE soy milk & made me a drink with it along with CHOCOLATE vodka and a touch of Kalua - Blended. It was so good on a hot day. I have seen chocolate, but never the coffee one.

Lisa said...

Just last night I bought the chocolate and vanilla soy milk for my family to try and see if we like it. In my area this milk is $3.59 a quart. I had $2.25 off coupons making it pretty reasonable to try it.

Tenille said...

Wow! Very nice spice arrangement! I'm also beginning to realize that other people use a lot more spices than I do! :)

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