Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Social Sparks.....

SocialSpark is a new money making opportunity for bloggers. Just like pay Per Post, SocialSpark lets you sign up with advertisers for a set amount. Once you blog about that subject, you report it back to Social Spark and that's it. They will check out your post to make sure it meets all the requirements, approve it and then you wait 30 days to get paid. It's that simple! What a simple way to make a few extra dollars for blogging!! (Just like this post!) These type of opportunities help you earn some extra money to buy gas, groceries or something fun like you normally would not buy.
With social Sparks, you create a profile and have friends check it out. It is almost like Myspace meets Pay Per Post. You can go here to see my profile. I have spent a little time on this site so I thought my profile was the easiest to show you.
What I like about Social Spark is that it is another great money making opportunity for bloggers like me.
What I dislike about Social Spark is that it is not very user friendly. I think the site needs a little fine tuning in order to keep people coming back. I found it a little hard to figure out what to do and where to find the information I needed.

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