Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hump Day.....

I had the best mail day yesterday! First the UPS man brought this Key West™ Frozen Concoction Maker™ - Margaritaville® official site to my door. Free from!! Along with it came another huge box full of accessories and party items. Then the mail man dropped this Cordless Telephone with Call Waiting Caller ID and Digital Answerer - Black (which I desperately needed after my died in a power outage) and this Battleship/Connect 4/Sorry/Trouble (for my DD's birthday) both free from with credit I earned from being an affiliate. Then I got a paycheck in the mail... (I earned that but still adds to the excitement!). Just when I thought it was all over, DD came in from the school bus with a box she found on the front porch from DSL with this Emergen-C Vitamin C Fizzy Drink Mix, 1000 mg, Raspberry, 0.3 Ounce Packets (Pack of 36) free from All I want to know is where the heck was the Fed-Ex man?
Lots of printable mail in rebate today. I printed several to do for myself. They are a great way to try new products for free and help your grocery budget!! - free stain remover after mail in rebate - printable mail in rebate - laundry detergent free after rebate printable form - up to $13.99 back!!! I am going to buy the largest one I can find!! - free peanut butter after printable mail in rebate!!;jsessionid=AC94F8EFD57647F8E75E5E604F1F888F.vipa-02a 10 free music download after mail in rebate from Jolly Time popcorn
Gas-X - free sample
mighty. small. - free sample
TAMPAX : UPGRADE U - free sample
Money Saving Mom: Wal-Mart: Free travel-sized Kotex and more! - look how this mom is getting lots of free stuff at Walmart. And then check out this post Money Saving Mom: This week's $40 grocery trip and menu - and see how she will feed her family for just $40 this week... complete with menu!
Martini Gold » Quiz - free tshirt
Don't miss the mail-in form for Honey Bunches of Oats in last (5/11) Sunday paper coupon insert! "Send in 5 coupons from any other cereal brands (other than Honey Bunches of Oats) and receive a coupon for a free box of Honey Bunches of Oats." Final price is the new cost of a stamp: .42! I mailed mine this morning.
Dunkin' Donuts Coffee Buy Coffee Beans Online - free iced coffee on May 15th.
~-:¦:-•:*¨What food items are super cheap or free at walmart right now? ¨*:•.-:¦:-~ - Hot Coupon World - great link to read. It is a list of things you can get free or very cheap at Walmart after coupons.
check out all the blogs!!

The Adventures of Sarcasta-Mom: Being Broke 101 - go check out this blog to see how she describes the difference between being frugal and being broke.


mom_of2boys said...

I'm jealous! I wanted to host the Margaritaville party. Have fun!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Hi Carol!
Wow! Thanks for the coupon/rebate links.
It's nice to meet you!

Jennifer said...

Thank you!!!

1stopmom said...

Hi, It is so nice to meet you. Congrats you did have a good mail day! I get excited when the mail comes too.

Have fun at the party!!

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