Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Paying the bills......

I have always been the kind of girl who would try almost anything to make a few extra dollars. So.. I hope my readers do not mind when I do a few posts here and there for a few extra dollars. I do lots of posts for and have actually been paid over $300 so far this year with more payments pending. I also do points programs like this one.. and this one Earn Great Rewards at MyPoints (tell them brspri sent you!!). We save all our aluminum cans to cash in like I told you here.. Frugal Finds From your Frugal Friend: Thursday and recycle aluminum cans..... You all know I am very big on coupons, refunds and freebies. I even trade books here... PaperBackSwap : Your source for swapping books online! (tell them sent you!) As well as selling on Ebay and like this auction I talked about... Frugal Finds From your Frugal Friend: Tickets anyone?.

I just so happened to have a lot of paid posts today and did not want to lose my readers in the shuffle while I am trying to pay a few bills. SO... you can go here Frugal Finds From your Frugal Friend: Beach pictures and a few freebies...... for my beach pictures and here Frugal Finds From your Frugal Friend: Wednesday...... for some freebies links. Enjoy these and come back for more tomorrow!! Tell a few friends to come too!!!


Elizabeth F. said...

I love PPP as well. I think so far in the last 9 mos I have made around $1500. Have you noticed less posting opps this year? I had TONS from Oct-Dec. I hope it picks back up.

Frugal Finds said...

I only started doing posts in February so I had no clue there used to be more oppertunities. I hope they pick up like that at the holidays again!! I do notice that there are certain times of day that are better than others. There are also a few things I refuse to blog about and they are always available to me! :O( Still it is a great money making oppertunity!
Frugal Carol

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