Thursday, July 17, 2008


Remember the post where I told you to go to to get a free cloth grocery bag? Well, mine came late last week! I am bag # 1048. Here is what it looks like! If you have not gone there.. go now. She will send you one too!! FREE! Thanks green bag lady!!! Update: The first time I posted about the bag lady, I emailed her first to see if I could list her link on my blog. I did not do that today nor did I check her blog before listing it today. I am sorry to say the the bag lady is not accepting orders at this point. I have a feeling she is trying to catch up on the orders she does have. She is doing this work free of charge and out of the goodness of her heart in order to try to save the planet... one bag at a time. She is still accepting material donations so if you have any extra material laying around you might want to send it to her (directions to do so on her blog!) and put it to good use!

The pile above is what I picked up at Walmart today. I am not a regular Walmart shopper but I have been reading about the deals people have been getting so I decided to do it too. About half my coupons were printed from the internet. My Total before coupons was $56.21. Minus the $15.35 I spent in school supplies (DS begged for the Incredible Hulk lunch box!), and minus $21.42 in coupons and the final out of pocket for all this stuff was..... $19.44. I did not have coupons for the eggs, lunch meat or Del Monte spaghetti sauce but they were items I needed and the prices were good so I grabbed them. Update: I forgot to add that I will get the full $2 back from the Lunchables with a mail in rebate I printed on line.

Yesterday, I took a few minutes of my time to email the president of my local grocery store and kindly asked that he consider accepting internet printed coupons at his store. I will not go into great detail about what I wrote but I was very nice. To my surprise, I got an email back a few short hours later stating that they do accept them if they are under a $5 value and he is sorry if I have had problems with this in the past. So, I printed out his letter and stuck it in my coupon folder to carry with me next time. I am so happy to hear the official word is that they are accepting them!! That puts a lot of value on internet coupons for me now! Just wanted to add: we as coupon users also have a responsibility to not abuse coupons in a way that the store will not get paid for them. Do not print coupons you know are fake and do not photocopy a real coupon. Abusing the system will only make the stores not want to take these coupons and that hurts all of us.

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Satisfaction guarantee: Hillshire Farm Try Me Risk-Free; Box 6106 Dept A; Douglas, AZ 85655-6106 Hillshire Farm Italian Style Smoked Sausage TMF, up to $3.99. Send a 3x5 card with name, address, and email address and reason you disliked the product, UPC from package, original CRTC. Expires 12/31/08.

My two new favorite blogs are...... Gosselins Without Pity and "Truth Breeds Hatred" ~Bias of Priene, Maxims. Be sure to check them out!!


Cindy said...

Good for you for writing a letter! Glad to see they are accepting of internet coupons. I think I'll look into contacting my fave grocery store. Wanna share your letter? (Sorry, being lazy)

Frugal Finds said...

Here you go..............................
I am writing in reference to internet coupons. In these tough
economic times, more and more people are turning to coupons to make their
grocery budget stretch. In todays world, most coupons are found on the
internet and not int he Sunday paper. As your loyal customers have put up
with you rasing prices to keep up with the economic impact, I ask that you
help your customers keep up with the economic impact by allowing us to use
printed internet coupons in your store. Yes, I know that at one time there
were many fraudulant coupons on the internet but things have changed. Many
coupons sites have special coding to ensure valid coupons. I prefer your
store over your competitor's but unless you start accepting these coupons ,
I will be forced to drive a block farther to shop at a store that does
accept them. Thank you for your time!

Nothing fancy... just straight to the point and it worked!!
Frugal Carol

Cindy said...

Very well said! Thanks so much Carol!

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