Thursday, July 03, 2008

Thursday and recyle aluminum cans.... - Nivea for Men Extreme Comfort - free sample
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Many of you will be serving lots of cold beverages in aluminum cans this holiday weekend. Please do not just throw them in the trash when they are empty. Recycle them! If you do not have curb side pick up, take them to a local recycle center and earn cash on your cans! Check out these links for more info.....
Aluminum Recycling Facts - this place says it all!!!
Recycling - Now You're Talkin'! - information is power!
Pacific Precision Metals 77701 Steel Can Crusher - this will help get the job done! - Specializing in chic, unique and fashionable handbags created from recycled and eco-friendly materials. Hel... - this is a different way to recycle cans!

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Jerri said...

I don't if this is the case everywhere. But my dad took some cans to be recycled several weeks ago, and he said the rate per pound that you can earn has doubled since the last time he took some cans.

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