Tuesday, July 15, 2008


We had a great freebie day yesterday. We stopped at the library to exchange books and they had coupons for free ice cream at Chik-fil-A. Fist we had to head to the dentist for DS's check up, where these kids each got a free tooth brush, then we headed a few blocks away for our free ice cream. Next we stopped at a nearby deli that I had $10 gift card for. I picked up exactly $10 worth of food and headed home. In the mail I got a free sample from Walmart and a free Renuzit air freshener to test. You got to love free stuff!!!

Made in Eureka Over-Engineered by Degree® Men Absolute Protection - free sample Degree deoderant
Cheerios - Challenge Coming Soon - join the challenge
Greener Impact - Million Lights Project - free lightbulb!!! go fast!!!
Walmart.com - Playtex Sport - free sample
Walmart.com - Bioré Daily Recharging - free sample
Walmart.com - Tampax Pearl with LeakGuard - free sample
LACTAID® Offers - $1 Off LACTAID® Milk Products - free sample
Stayfree® Offer - Registration - free sample

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