Thursday, July 10, 2008


I saw a piece on the Today show this morning on coupons. The "expert" suggested going to to print coupons and stated that it is the new "in thing" to use coupons. Hello Mr. Expert! First, I think the guy worked for and was just tooting his own horn. 2nd.. coupons a new "in thing"... when were they not "in"? 3rd.... does he realize that many stores will not even take printed coupons? I can use them at some stores but there are more stores here that do not take them than do.
I think it is great that more people are gardening and using coupons. I just wish it didn't take a bad economy to have people make the change.

Coppertone® Oil Free - QuickCover® Lotion Spray SPF 30 - worst suntan lotion we ever used!! Would not waste money on it again!! it goes on very blotchy. Other spray on lotions are much more user friendly!
A Year of CrockPotting - interesting blog!
Garnier - free sample
Aquafresh - printable coupon for a sample size of toothpaste
Southwest Lifestyle Body Cream Sample Order Form - free sample - On The Go Drink Mixes - great freebie
Honey Bunches Of Oats - $2.00 printable coupon
Playtex Sport - Privacy Policy - money back guarantee!! I plan on taking advantage of this one!
Playtex Sport - free sample
SUBWAY FRESHBUZZ - enter to win!! use NFHT3CFFYJ and RN3JHJ3XH7
A Full Cup - Food Lion Coupon Generator - have Food Lion nearby? check out their printable coupons!!


Cindy said...

I saw the exact same thing this morning and was thinking the exact same thing. Yeah that is all great and everything, but my grocery store won't take printed coupons. :( Fortunately CVS and Target still do!

Frugal Finds said...

That is exactly where I use my printed coupons too Cindy. I rarely go to Walmart but they do too.
Frugal Carol

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