Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I am desperately looking for Coke rewards codes. If you have a any you will not use, I would be happy to enter them instead of letting them go to waste. They can be found on any Coca Cola line of soda, Minute Maid juices and Dasani water.
This morning I have started a batch of strawberry ice cream made with strawberries I saved from the garden. It is my first time making strawberry so I am not sure how it will turn out. I will take pictures later and give an update!
I have gotten several emails about making trades for items from my wish list! Thanks a bunch!! Keep me in mind when you find anything listed on my wish list. I have it on the right hand column listed as My Barter List.

JibJab - Funny eCards, Birthday Cards, and More at JibJab - check this out!!
Savings Center - printable coupon
Stayfree® & Carefree® Free Pin Offer - mail in offer
The New - Borders - Books, Music and Movies - get your coupon!
TONY'S and Super Soaker - Soak Up The Fun! - instant win!! I hope you win since I did not!!
Your Passport To Flavor - enter to win!
Fight Dental Plaque, Plaque on Teeth, Gingivitis and more with Colgate Total® Toothpaste - enter to win


Mercedes said...

where's your wishlist?
I want to peek too.

Mercedes said...

I am a LOT blind I found it.

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