Saturday, March 22, 2008

FAQ's about my dogs.....

In the last week and a half, I have had many many emails about my dogs. Some with kind words about our loss some with questions. I realized I never really filled in the pieces of that story cause I was just so upset.
Bailey was a pure breed beagle that we got when she was 8 weeks old. She slept in bed with DH and I and even laid on the sofa with me every night to watch tv. She was great with the kids too. She is greatly missed since she was such a huge part of our lives. We are not used to being able to find all our socks since she always took a sock anytime she could get ahold of one.
We do have another dog. He is 13. DH got him with his room mate the week after we started dating. He has been with us the entire time we have been together. BUT.... he is a larger dog who 1. is living on borrowed time at 13 2. has no interest in sleeping in bed with me and 3. can not hear anything so there is very little barking, which has left house very quiet! We do love this dog a lot and would be devastated if we lost him too but... he can not fill in the pieces that are left open since Bailey is gone.
Bailey did not die from Lyme disease. After i started treating her for Lyme, she was still getting worse. I took her back 2 days later and had to carry her into the vet. They felt she had a slipped disc and was obviously in a lot of pain. We tried treating her medically for 24 hours to see if we could make her any better. Just wishful thinking on our part. Our only other option would have been to take her to a specialist and hour away to have surgery. We were told up front that surgery would be about $4000 and could leave her paralyzed. That was just to much money for us to spend. As much as I miss her, I could not spend that much money and then have her end up paralyzed. Yes, I realize there are many dogs living with disabilities everywhere but that is not the life I thought she would want to live. She was a beagle who was very active... not a sit and look pretty dog. We did what we thought was best for our suffering dog. No judgement emails please!! My husband wanted to spare the kids and I of the pain so he went to the vet and held her while the Dr pushed the medicine. There was not a dry eye in the room.
We (or should I say I) looked frantically every where for a new dog. Not sure what I was looking for, I looked at everything. We went to a pet show at a local expo center, went to the mall pet store (i would never buy a dog there) searched the internet for breeders and shelters. After looking at a lot of dogs and have a family discussion, we have decided a new beagle puppy is what we all really want right now. We also decided when Our other dog (Rocco) is not longer with us, we will adopt a rescue dog that is a few years old. BUT.. we need a puppy to help heal our wounded hearts right now.
SO..... we have put a deposit on a new beagle pure bread from a very reputable breeder. The puppy is due to be born next week. We have even decided to cancel our summer vacation plans to stay home with our puppy since we do not think it is fair to board a puppy. I will post pictures as soon as I have some.
Thanks for all the kind emails I have received in the last week. I appreciate allt he kind thoughts and words. Now you know the whole story.


Anonymous said...

Our beagle "Forest" was diagnosed exactly the same way 5 years ago and we ended up having to put him down (he was 7 years old). He couldn't walk, or hardly even move. We had to carry him outside to go potty. We tried steriods and everything short of surgery. My son was devastated. Our hearts were all broken for a very long time. We have another beagle in our family now "Malcolm". Malcolm hasn't replaced Forest...that would be impossible...he has helped us go on and just like you said filled the void in our lives and our house. We all deal with things in our own ways and need to do what's best for ourselves and our families. I was very sad to read your story. I will keep your family in our prayers. Jennifer

Anonymous said...
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Julie said...

(((hugs))) I'm so sorry Carol. Those puppy dogs have a way of joining in like one of the family and wiggling right into our hearts. I hope that your new puppy brings you lots of joy!

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