Monday, March 03, 2008

More CVS and Target deals.....

I paid $1.72 for these items at CVS. I also made $8.00 in ECB's. The Hershey kisses will be great to stuff in plastic egg's for my Egg Hunt. I officially do not need anymore toothpaste until after Christmas!!
This pile of things cost $1.05 at Target. DD was with me and said she would eat the corn dogs. I am not sure she will like them... she did not notice that the are all veggie. I thought it was worth a shot for 99 cents. That is 18 string cheese in the picture too. I was actually down to one left here from the last batch of free string cheese.
Custom Beach Towel - free beach towel use code PMT2379 - refund/merchandise form from Hershey $4 off $20 at CVS
A Full Cup - Coupon Generator - to get free boxes of Animal cookies, print off the coupon with the Oreo's on it. I tried to get these today but the store was out. I thought they would be great for an upcoming Egg Hunt I want to host.


Cindy said...

How did you get the free string cheese? I looked all over and can't figure out how you did it. Thanks!

Amanda said...

You know, my kids don't notice when I slip in Morningstar or many other meatless products. The only brand that has a taste my family recognizes is Boca, and though many people really like that brand, we don't. Other than that, other meatless products (especially that inexpensive) are great.

huddtoo said...

Oh my, can I come to your house??? Please? I LOVE Hershey Kisses!! :) And it looks like you have plenty. Whoever gets an easter basket from you is lucky! hehe

I still can't believe that you can buy piles of stuff...for pennies! Great job!!

huddtoo said...

Oh and LOL about the toothpaste. I've been biting my tongue for quite some time. I was curious as to what you did with all the toothpaste I see in these pictures. Maybe you brush your teeth 4 times a day in your house. Maybe you have like 8 kids and they brush their teeth 4 times a day too. I wasn't sure, didn't really want to say, but did wonder a little bit.

Hey, it doesn't go bad, you can always use it, it's nice to have on hand for when you run out - there aren't to many options (well, tasty ones anyway) to use instead.

You can always hide some toothpaste along with those eggs. LOL

Frugal Finds said...

Huddtoo.. you are too funny!! Of course I need to have so much toothpaste around so I can brush after each Hershey Kiss attack!! LOL!
I do keep telling myself that I will nto buy anymore toothpaste. Then I find it free or where they pay me to take it and I get it anyway. It is a sad little problem of mine! I swear this time I will not get anymore until I use a few tubes. (My name is Carol and I buy toothpaste!)
The free string cheese is from the printable Target coupons. There is one for 50 cents off 2 cheese. The string cheese is 24 cents each.. making them free!!
I saw that Morningstart had a spinach and artichoke item (from reading someone's blog) and was hoping to find that. DH would enjoy that. My Target only had 3 items to choose from so I decided to try this one first. They did have chicken nuggets too but I was afraid to try the,. If the corndogs go over ok, I will move onto the chicken.
Frugal Carol

wannashop said...

How did you get past the limit 4 at CVS on the kisses??

Frugal Finds said...

Was there a limit of 4? I never saw that anywhere. Oops!! The cashier must not have cared and the register let them ring up at 99¢ each. The cashier was a young boy and all my years of coupon experience has showed me that young boys are the most coupon friendly cashiers!!
Frugal Carol

erin said...

hey so i am confused, does CVS take competitor coupons? how does the target oreo coupon get you free animal crackers? can you go into a little more details for us newbies?

erin said...

sorry me again ok i see that you were at target but how did you get them for free (if they were in stock?) but can you still go into detail about the ECB's? i am not following your post.

I got all the above for 5 cents!!! Can you believe it? I paid 5 cents out of pocket for all this at CVS on Sunday. I of course had some coupons and used $9.48 in ECB. I then left the store with $10.99 in ECB and I still have another $5 I need to spend before Tuesday so I will be going back beofre then to combine a few coupons with some ECB's to get another bag of goodies almost free!!

erin said...
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Frugal Finds said...

Erin, The free animal cookies at Target are with a $1.00 off 2 Target coupon and then you have to find the 50¢ animal cookie boxes. This makes them free. My store only had the 99¢ boxes though.
At CVS on Sunday when I only paid 5¢ for everything, I had $15 in manufacturer's coupons, a $4 off $20 CVS coupon and $9.48 in ECB I had from a previous transaction. Making the whole sale cost 5¢ out of my wallet. $10.99 in ECB then printed with mt reciept for me to use the next time I shop... which was Monday pm.
Hope this helps!
Frugal Carol

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