Saturday, March 08, 2008

Weekend Update.....

2 coupon inserts in Sunday's paper this week and they include a razor rebate for for free after rebate. Lots of free razors around lately!!
Signature Food Boards - free cake plate
Contact Us - free seedsI got this coupon in the mail this week. I always love free product coupons!!

Here are all the free items I got in the last week. There are usually a few that never make it to the pile for a picture.


Bev said...

I had almost given up on ever getting the coupon for the Promise Activ Super Shots----maybe there's still hope for me! :)

I also got the Tide sample this week. The Quaker sample arrived a few weeks ago and has since disappeared. ;) (it was good!)

Ayush said...

These free coupons are amazing, I know.
I know 2 sources - Publications and Emails where we can these.
Can you tell me other sources.

I usually make Garage Sales where I sell different kinds of stuff and with every garage sale I do new things to make them popular and make money.
I have been using this guide from
G, they have some amazing tips.
As a promotion this time I am planning to offer these free coupons for the people who buy for big amounts.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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