Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday Freebies and some Easter Pics.....

I have a load of jeans hanging on the wash line to dry today... the first time this spring! DH planted our new grape vines yesterday. (It will be nice to grow our own grapes for the first time.) I started raking out the flower beds and see the flower bulbs peeking through the mulch. All signs that spring is here.
My son has informed me that he was watching the "mommy hostipal show" in his room. He had a few more details about the show to share with me but I will not be posting those here. Sorry TLC... i will be blocking you on that tv!

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Here are the kids coloring Easter eggs last Saturday night...... DS always has a naughty look on his face. He thinks he is so funny!

This is Easter monring before church.... notice the dog squeezes into the picture!!

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Elizabeth F. said...

What cute kids! Come see my easter pics too. :-)

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