Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Hillary was in Harrisburg, PA yesterday. I am going to Harrisburg today for DS's cardiology appointment. I would have loved to cross paths with her. I would love for my kids to see any candidate this year since it is such a history making election year. We have a few more weeks of until the PA primary so there should be a few chances for us to see at least one of the candidates.
My dog is very sick this week. I had her to the vet on Monday and she tested positive for Lyme disease. She was given 2 meds and sent home. She is worse today so we are headed back there this morning. I am really hoping everything will be ok. She really is one of the family. Update: At this moment things do not look good for the dog. I had to leave her at the vet and we will have to make a decision probably later today. Keep her in your prayers! Here is her picture.. she is only 3.

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Update: I am up to $470 earned since January 16th. I am on my way to paying for my summer vacation with my Pay Per Post Earning! It will feel great to hand over my PayPal credit card to pay for the hotel room this year!!
FriedOkra: Even So, I Did Finally Extricate Myself from the Lycra™ and Get What I Went in For - I needed a good laugh and found it at this blog so I thought I would share. It is laugh out loud funny!!


MoneyCommonSense said...

HI CArol,
I hope your doggy feels better soon. Is she going to need to take medication permanently now?

Anonymous said...

I hope your dog is okay. I had to put my 4 yr. old Yorkie to sleep when she was dying of liver failure. It was so hard. Please let us know.

Anonymous said...

I wish the best for your pet & your family, I know how you feel.
Our pets mean so much to us!

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