Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Free Stuff... Works for Me!!

After I saw this offer yesterday....... Target : Retote Offer, I thought it was a great way to add another cloth bag to my collection without spending a lot of money. Yes, the postage will cost me a few cents but still cheaper than buying the bag out right. I just love how Target wants you to use a magazine cover as the envelope and enclose 5 plastic bags. This whole recycle and greener living thing is really catching on with companies!! Above is my package, all ready to go!!

We always watch for Try Me Free markings on products in the grocery store. DH found this one I bought it. I have the refund ready to go in the mailbox today!

Finding free products.... Works For Me!!!!! Be sure to look at what works for other people here..... Rocks In My Dryer.

Here is a list of my giveaways this week for you to enter.....
Frugal Finds From your Frugal Friend: Bloggy Giveaway Number 1..... - 3 gift baskets.
Frugal Finds From your Frugal Friend: Free Digital Photos.... - 50 free prints
Frugal Finds From your Frugal Friend: Product Review and a Giveaway..... $10 gift car to Bulid-A-Bear
Frugal Finds From your Frugal Friend: Old Navy Giveaway..... - $5 gift card to old Navy


JessieLeigh said...

I love Try Me Free tags! And, since I always seem to forget about some of them that I send in (because I'm not one of those spreadsheet sorts), it's a nice surprise to get those checks every now and again!

Linda said...

I like the Target retote offer. Thanks for the link. I've never seen a Try Me Free tag, but I'll keep my eye out for them!

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