Monday, October 06, 2008

Weight Watchers Menu Monday....

DH and I started our diets last Monday. I am doing Weight Watchers and he is just sort of doing it with me. By Friday I lost 6 pounds and he lost 5. We slipped a little on the weekend but are back today with determination to stick to the plan until the weekend again. Our meals are a little boring right now. I need to go here.. Honey, I shrank myself! to find more great meal ideas with low points.

Sunday - ate at a local restaurant with family

Monday - grilled chicken breasts, brussel sprouts

Tuesday - salad with left over grilled chicken on top

Wednesday - pork chops, rice, carrots

Thursday - some type of spaghetti - the kids love spaghetti, it is cheap and quick and I work it out that DH and I can have 2 cups each.

Friday - take out salads and brucheta before the homecoming football game

Saturday - grill night!


Mrs. Mordecai said...

Wow, that looks really yummy!

Deeny said...

Hi Carole your blog looks fantastic with lots of great ideas. Thanks for visiting mine. Yep I am trying to lose weight. I am short and a bit chubby now (I love to cook and eat! Anyway I cook for a family of 5 ( 4 right now because DD is away at college) But two boys one just out of his teens and another not quite a teen and a tall hubby. My boys are tall and skinny and eat. So it is a compromise. I am trying to eat lean meats and veggies and I try to skip the starchy side dishes, however i usually have a starch included in my meal plans as in a casserole or a side dish. I am using the whole wheat or multigrain pasta and brown rice in most of my dishes now. So I am working on it. I love old cookbooks and try to make basic meals with everyday ingredients. I have the time and luxury to cook from scratch. (although I do hate all the dishwashing I create). Anyway have a great day. Deeny

Sarah said...

Thanks for stopping by! Great I'm wanting homemade spaghetti!

Marcy said...

Sounds like a great, healthy week! Especially the bruschetta. YUM!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Enjoy your week! :-)

Erin said...

Thank you for visiting the Fremont Kitchen! Love the Monday menu ideas. :)

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