Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday's Free Stuff......

Chilly morning here today. We did not turn our heat on yet so I have a nice warm fire started bright and early today. I will have a pot of apples simmering ont he stove and brownies in the oven while I work this morning. That will help warm the house too. Tonight I will put the flannel sheets on the bed and extra blankets too. My goal is always to not turn the heat on until November 1st. Anything after that is a bonus. If I have it nice and warm in here when everyone gets home, they will forget how cold they were this morning!

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Hadias said...

It's been getting pretty cold around here as well. We have not used the fire place since we have not been able to find any inexpensive wood.

We try to keep the heat as low as possible at night.

Frugal Finds said...

All the wood we have has been free. We are always looking to help clean up a tree lost in a storm. We get a lot of wood after storms since we live on a mountain.

Laura said...

Thanks for stopping by to check out my menu. This post of yours made me nostalgic--now that I live in Florida, I literally NEVER turn on the heat (AC is a different story). But I miss those Pennsylvania winters and the opportunity to snuggle up around a cozy fire.

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