Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Cook's Champagne - champagne stopper

FREE Sanitary Napkin Pads: LilliPads 360° Cool Zones Leak Detection! - free sample

Sam's Club - Novartis Theraflu v. 5380 - free sample of Thera flu

Log in: free can of formula

Sample_JLO_Deseo_091508 - free perfume

Consumer Electronics Clothing from Levi Strauss Signature & Jaclyn Smith Home Decor Ideas from Martha Stewart Everyday .. check out the Kmart flyer at this link. Kmart store are doubling coupons again starting October 5th. Check out hte website to see if your store is one of them.

Right @ Home™ - sign up for the fall gift pack!

1 comment:

debbie said...

Hi Carol. Just wanted to say thanks for putting these freebies out for us. If the economy doesn't look up soon, these may be all we have!

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