Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Frugal Breakfast......

During my best coupon days I bought frozen pancakes for my DD for pennies or got the free after double or triple coupons. I would stock up when I found a great sale. This spoiled her. Then I fell off the coupon wagon sometime last year but continued to buy these for her at full price (Gasp!)! Now that I am back on the coupon wagon and trying to be more frugal with my groceries I do not want to buy items like that with out a coupon. My solution.... I found a box of pancake mix in my pantry last week when I cleaned it out (imagine that! LOL!) that was marked 75 cents from a discount grocer. SO... Sunday evening, I made a large batch of mini pancakes. I placed them on cookie sheets and froze them. Once frozen, I placed them all in a freezer bag. Now DD can grab a few each morning and stick them in the microwave... just like the store bought ones. I still have enough mix to make another batch. She should be able to eat breakfast for 2 weeks at the cost of 75 cents! Now if I could could find a mix for whole wheat pancakes at that price. OR.. anyone have a frugal whole wheat pancake mix recipe?


cindi said...

i do this all of the time with ww pancakes and waffles...i just make the extra batter an dfreeze them up! i use the better homes and gardens recipe for pancakes and waffles and simply substitute ww flour for all purpose (do NOT pack it). i used to mill my own flour (delish!) but our local "central markets" have flour mills in their stores in the bulk section. they are so yummy!

MoneyCommonSense said...

Yes! I do the same with waffles for my family. I figure if they sell them frozen, so can I use they same technique to keep mine at home. It's easy, convenient and frugal, triple whammy.

Frugal Finds said...

Hey, I was thinking that homemade whole wheat pancake mix in a jar would make a nice Christmas gift!!
What do you think?

cindi said...

oh yeah, i have a fantastic homemade ww pancake mix recipe...we used it this summer when my kids were wanting pancakes every morning and i did not want the "production".

complete pancake mix (posted on all recipes.com--my fave site!)
6c all purpose flour (i did 4 ww and 2 all purp, but you can experiment)
2T bkg pwdr
1T salt
1c dry milk powder
1c shortening (use trans fat free, pref smart balance brand for omega 3s)
mix all in a bowl, cutting in shortening, until mixture resembles cornmeal. keep in freezer.
for pancakes:combine 1-1/3 dry mix w/ 3/4c water and 1 egg (this was plenty for my 3 and 8 yo)

The Frugal Single Mom ;-) said...

I have an easier recipe :-) Carol look on my Blog under Recipes - I do 1/2 cup whole wheat 1/2 cup unbleached white.... I have been doing this with pancakes as long as I can remember. FYI a REALLY good afterschool treat - put peanutbutter on the pancake and eat it cold - DD does this for an afterschool snack at least 1x a week.

The Frugal Single Mom ;-)

huddtoo said...

You can freeze breakfast sandwiches as well. If your family likes them. Not sure how well an english muffin turns out, but just using a plain hamburger bun works well. Just cook an egg (as you'd like, break the yolk, don't break the yolk, whip em up good, etc - but cook it thru) in a round mold that will fit a burger bun. Cool it, place a piece of cheese on it and if you like add a cooked sausage patty then wrap well and freeze. Take it out of the freezer the night before you want it and put it in the fridge, then put in the microwave (wrapped in a napkin of some sort) for about a minute to warm up. Wha-la, a breakfast on the go. Can be inexpensive if you just do egg and cheese.

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