Friday, January 04, 2008

The Results.....

Here are the brownies I made yesterday. Well... half of the brownies I made yesterday. The rest have been eaten by my family. They are great!! Everyone loved them. I even told DD that there was spinach in them after she ate one and she did not care because they are so good!! Low fat and yummy tasting!! I will be making these again for sure! Thanks Jessica Seinfeld!!
I also made a large lasagna for dinner last night. Here is the break down on what I spent to make it......
barilla noodles - free after coupon
1 jar of barilla sauce - free after coupon
2 cans of sauce - 85 cents each
large container of ricotta cheese - $3.09
1 pound of hamburger - no idea (i pulled it from my stash in the freezer)
4 bags of shredded cheese $7.00
Total = $11.79
Not bad for such a large pan that will feed us for 2 dinners and i will freeze some for lunches. I also added some carrot puree to the sauce and meat combo to make it healthier. The carrots were left over from a holiday party and would have gone bad had I not pureed them so I did not add the cost. I had a some sauce and meat mixture left over so I froze that to use later. - South Beach Living Granola Clusters and Drink Mix - free sample - Intimately Beckham - free sample - printable rebate form for peanut butter
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