Wednesday, January 09, 2008

My Pantry..................

I missed a few items off to the left in this picture but I think you can see what my pantry basically looks like. It is a corner in my basement laundry room. It is lacking some things at this point but in the last few months I have really neglected coupons and my pantry. I am working now on getting it fully stocked again. I really need some pancake mix, spaghetti sauce, mac and cheese and a few more cleaning supplies.
Some people like to have a list of what they want in their pantry and keep it stocked that way. I am not like that. I stock it with what ever deals I find. If I know my family will eat it, I buy as many as I can at the deal price and stick it in the pantry. This is just what works for us.
I have a section on the top shelf (that I missed in the picture) with snacks. At Easter and Halloween, my MIL buys huge bags of snacks for my kids instead of candy. This sometimes carries me through the year. I also have a huge tin can with an extra sugar and Kool Aid mixes. Sometimes I keep a pitcher of Kool Aid in the fridge for the kids instead of buying juice boxes. I use less sugar than it calls for and it becomes a very cheap drink since I got all the Kool Aid on sale or clearance.
You can see all the cans of canned spaghetti. Every time I ask my husband to stop at the store for me, he comes home with some canned spaghetti. UGH! DS and I hate the stuff. I have at least a year supply at the rate it gets eaten around here but I am sure he will buy more the next time he stops! LOL
I also wanted to note that this is just the extra stuff I have. I have kitchen cabinets filled with food and an extra freezer full of food. We are big gardeners and although we prefer to eat the veggies fresh from the garden, I do freeze some things.
Here are a few things I wish I had......................
Safer: Pantry Pest Trap (2 per box) - I never had this problem but it is always in the back of my mind.
Emergency Food Storage & Survival Handbook: Everything You Need to Know to Keep Your Family Safe in a Crisis - not a bad book to read.
4 Person Deluxe Survival Kit - I do have a backpack in the pantry with a few survival things that I made up after September 11th when it was the thing to do. I no longer have food in it though. This would be a nice already made kit to have that I hope I would never have to use!
Do you think I need anymore wine? LOL


Anonymous said...

If you have Meijers, Ragu pasta sauce is $1!

Frugal Finds said...

I do not have that store. With some coupons that would be a great deal!! I wish Ragu still had their rewards program!!
I find myself buying the cans of Del Monte sauce for 85¢ each. We like the tatse and it is the cheapest I can find.

I'm the Mom said...

I get the Hunts cans when on sale or I buy Giants brand sauce. My family likes Giant's taste the best. When I have time I try to make my own. If you need any help getting rid of some wine give me a call...or you can bring some next month while I am on "vacation" and we can party. LOL! Stacy

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