Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My CVS and Giant Deals.....

I headed out to the gym this morning after the kids got on the bus. I am really trying to combine trips with gas prices so high. My first stop was at my FIL's house to pick up his Sunday coupons that he saves for me. He had the above sample waiting for me also. :O)
CVS is right down the street from my gym so I headed there with lots of coupons to get the above deals. Here is the breakdown....
2 Palmolive dish soaps - $1.49 each minus $1.00 Sunday coupon and earned $2.00 ECB
1 Fructis shampoo - $2.99, earned $2.00 ECB (I could not find a coupon for this but I thought it was a pretty good deal so I got it)
1 Colgate toothpaste - $2.99 minus $1.00 coupon earn $2.00 ECB
1 box of Tampons - $7.99 minus $2.50 printable couon I got here Playtex Sport, and a $1.00 CVS Playtex coupon I found here *NEW CVS Printable Coupon thread* 10/16/2007 *DISCUSS COUPONS AND RELATED ISSUES ONLY* - SlickDeals.net Forums
2 Soy Joy - $1.00 each minus a B1G1F coupon (i was trying to get 3 since I had another free coupon but the manager was the cashier today and he is a coupon cop and said I could not do it. I decided not to argue since I did not want him to argue about all my internet coupons)
Total = $18.95
Minus Manufacturer's coupon -$5.50
minus $2.00 off $10.00 CVS coupon -$2.00
minus $1.00 Playtex/CVS coupon - $1.00
New Total = $10.45
Minus $10.00 ECB from previous trip = .45 cents out of pocket
Earned $8.00 ECB on this trip

I went to a 2nd CVS then since the first one was out of a few things and it was right down the street. This store was very unorganized and had no sale signs hung so it was a little more challenging but I did ok. Here is the breakdown....
2 Aquapods - 2 for $5.00 minus this $1.00 coupon Coupons - Fun & Coupons- Aquapod Moms earned $2.00 ECB
1 Soy Joy - $1.00 minus $1.29 free coupon (it is how it scanned - who am I to argue?) earned $4.00 ECB since it was the 4th bar I purchased
1 Excederin - $1.99 minus $2.00 Sunday coupon earned $1.00 ECB
2 CVS toothbrushes - $2.99 each earned $5.98 ECB
Total = $13.97
Minus manufacturer's coupons - $4.29
New Total = $9.68
Paid with $8.00 ECB from 1st store
Total out of pocket = $1.68
Earned $12.98 in ECB
I could have done better if I had thought to bring another $2.00 off $10 CVS printable coupon. Oh well... I will not forget next time!!
I went to Giant after CVS #1 to use some coupons on sale items since they double and I could get a few things free or for a few pennies each. It is in the same complex at CVS so it was not out of my way at all. Here is the breakdown....
2 Swiss Miss hot chocolate - $1.00 each minus 2 - 50 cent coupons doubled
3 Hamburger Helper - $1.00 each minus a 50 cent coupon doubled and a $1.00 off 2
2 Better Crocker Delights - $1.97 each minus 2 - 50 cent coupons doubled (not the cheapest but they are yummy and the kids will love them as dessert tonight!)
2 Betty Crocker Scalloped potato mixes - $1.00 each minus $1.00 off 2 coupon
1 Delmonte Fruit Salad - $1.35 minus 40 cent coupon doubled
1 Colgate Toothpaste - $2.00 minus $1.50 on line printable coupon
1 Campbell's boxed soup - $2.39 minus $1.00 Sunday coupon (not the cheapest but DH loves this and I have to give into his wants from time to time!)
1 Barilla Pasta - .99 cents minus free coupon
1 Barilla Pasta Sauce - $2.74 minus free coupon
Total = $19.76
Minus $12.38 in manufacturer's coupons
Paid out of pocket = $7.38

Today's total was $52.68 worth of items (after sale prices) for $9.51 out of pocket. Not a bad morning if I do say so myself!! This will really help my pantry fill up! If I would take the time to clean it, I would take a picture for you.. maybe next week!


Anonymous said...

CVS doubles coupons? Great job on those shopping trips to CVS. I went yesterday, inspired by you, and got some great deals too!

Frugal Finds said...

The double coupon deals are from Giant. A grocery chain here in Southeast PA. I wish CVS doubled though.. that would make the deals even better! Glad to hear you got in on the CVS deals too!! I am addicted right now!! There could be worse things to be addicted to though! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I haven't done CVS deals in years. You have inspired me. I have my coupons ready to go for tomorrow.

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

Great Finds!!!

S.B. said...

Thanks for the Giant post. I am going to go and get those deals today!! Without your post, I would have missed them.

Also, check out the superfresh post on my blog - the sale goes till tomorrow. With this weeks coupons, you can get 10 yoplaits for .80 cents. Superfresh has triple coupons!

I posted a new CVS scenario on my blog that involves Sambucol (Jan. Monthly Deal) - using the scenario you can make more ECB's back than you spend and get a mail in rebate.

I hope you don't mind, but I have added your site to my blogroll. I think my visitors would really like your content!

Frugal Finds said...

The closest Superfresh here is an hour away. I did make the drive one time armed with tons of $1.00 coupons. I did fantastic and would be willing to make that drive from time to time again but the last I heard they no longer double $1.00 coupons in this neck of the woods. If anyone is close to me in PA and knows that answer I would love to hear from you!
Thanks for adding me to your blogroll!!! I really need to update mine when my work slows down!

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