Friday, January 11, 2008

My coupon file.....

Expandable Organizer - Clear - This is very similar to the file I use to carry my coupons around. One each tab, I wrote a store name and i file the coupons in it according to which store I want to use them at. This is easy to keep in my car or just grab when I am running out the door. I try to keep it stocked with what I will need so I can make quick trips while I am already on the road and save some gas. I love this system!!
I have a 2 more holders that stays at home where I can organize into categories. One is as big as a shoe box. At one time I was the coupon exchange coordinator for a small refund newsletter so I had tons of coupons on hand. I no longer use this one but I save it in case I ever get that involved again. The other one was where I organized my personal coupons into categories so I could find what I needed easily. This one has been pretty sad the last year... almost empty!
When my DD was born, I got very involved in coupons and refunds as a way to keep myself busy while on maternity leave. One day during this time, I was shopping at Rite aid with my big personal coupon organizer that, in addition to cents off coupons, also held over $100 worth of free items coupons. Later that night I realized I lost my coupon organizer and Rite aid was already closed. That coupon file was worth a lot of money and could really hurt my already tight budget at the time. I was sick to my stomach and barely slept that night. The next morning, I was up early and at the store when it opened. Imagine how surprised I was to find my coupon file setting on a shelf where I had left it while looking at something. I grabbed it and ran home. I was so happy to see it again and even happier to see no one had even touched it. That was a close call!! From them on I made sure there was a piece of paper in it with my name address and phone number in case it was lost and then found by a kind person!

While I was looking for my coupon file on Amazon I found this one on wheels. I was thinking how funny it would be to wheel this into a CVS on a Sunday morning ready to earn some ECB!! The coupon cop manager at my CVS would probably have a heart attack at the site!! LOL


Anonymous said...

When I was a child, my dear grandmother had an entire dresser top covered with her coupons, filed in some sort of fashion. I would spend my weekends sorting the expired ones for her. She would love your rite aid story. We spent our Saturdays going from store to store only buying the sale items with coupons.

Frugal Finds said...

Sounds like your grandmother was a great woman!!

huddtoo said...

LOL about the CVS coupon cop! We used to have one of them at a grocery store here. Not much fun!

Question for you.. Are the "ECB's" you get at CVS the cash back thing they show in the flier? Do you just get a coupon for X amount to use on a future purchase? I don't go to CVS much, but after reading your blog, I browsed their flier a lot more closely this past weekend and learned you can get great deals that way.

Frugal Finds said...

The extra care bucks print out at the bottom of your reciept. You can then use them to buy anything in the store. Many turn around and use them to get more deals where ECB print out so that you never spend money out of pocket after the first transaction. I did not find much I wanted from this weeks flyer so I may go later this week just to spend my ECB on things I can always use like deoderant and laundry soap. I will try to match up some coupons though to get a better deal.

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