Thursday, January 24, 2008

I want one of these!!

Massage Chairs - I got my DH a massage for his birthday and he loved it. It was his first professional massage ever. I had one years ago and really enjoyed it but, I hate to spend the money on things like that for myself. Instead, I sit in the massage chair, at the nail salon, as I get a pedicure. I always hate when they are finished, because I never want to leave that chair. Then I found this chair... Massage Chairs. I think I need one of these here at my house!! Eventually we would like to change our play room into a home library. We've always talked about a nice leather, straight back chair for that room where you can get comfy and read. I have changed my mind! I want this chair....Massage Chairs so I can get a nice massage while I read a good book! If I start working on my DH now, I think i could convince him to get this for me, I mean himself, in the future. Until then, I will just go to the nail salon and dream that I am in my own home while relaxing in their massage chair!

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