Thursday, January 31, 2008


I have not had the best week so far. I was thinking yesterday that it could only get worse if we get a foot of snow yet. The weather forcast this morning says freezing rain over night! UGH!! I stocked up on wood this morning in preparation. DH will get another wheel barrell full tonight. We keep it in the garage where it will be close and dry! I will fill buckets of water tonight in case we lose power so that I can still flush a toilet. I am thinking of looking for a property in the Florida Keys... until hurricane season that is!
Two coupon inserts this Sunday. I also got my All You [1-year subscription] magazine this week. They always have great coupons throughout the magazine. This is one magazine that is well worth the cost! Severeal B1G1F coupons in it this month.
I have a quiet morning here at home today. I will do some Dr office work and tackle my taxes I think.

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Kim said...

It's not bad here Carol but the sun gets a little old after a while - lol

WomensDaily said...

Try putting the vinegar and water mix on your car windshields before an ice storm. It keeps the ice from freezing on your windshields. I know its small, but it makes life a bit easier.

K. Anne said...

Somehow I have been getting that All You magazine delivered to me, but I don't recall signing up for it.

Boomeyers said...

Go to and you can register to win their house this year! It is in the Florida Keys!! You can visit it and then sell it!

Frugal Finds said...

Great idea Boomeyers! I do not know if I could bring myself to sell it though. I keep dreaming of living the Jimmy Buffet life in the Florida Keys when I can retire. Bare foot, tan and in no hurry to get anywhere!! Unless it is to CVS to get a few good deals!! LOL!!
Frugal Carol

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