Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I spent almost 2 hours sitting along an icy mountain road this morning stranded with about 15 other cars. The mountain was covered with black ice that no one saw until it was too late. We all slid down the mountain at the same spot. We all sat there waiting for the salt/cinder truck to come rescue us. There is very poor cell phone connection on the mountain too, so calls for help were hard to make. I am finally home safe and this is where I am staying today!!! On a good note, I met 2 very nice women that live in my neighborhood that I never knew before. I am also very thankful for the hat my 6 year old son left in the car. It kept my head very warm while standing up the hill from my car so that I would not get hit if someone slid into my car. I bet I looked very cute!! I was pretty sure I would not starve either since there is probably a full meal stashed under his booster seat in the back seat.
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mom_of2boys said...

If you purchase any two of the Minute Maid products, there's a promotion going on for a free heart monitor (you pay shipping).


MoneyCommonSense said...

What a scary situation. We live in a cold state too (WI) and I didn't use to carry a blanket in my car until a friend mentioned she had been in a situation similar to yours. I couldn't imagine being in your situation. It sounds like it was just you, so I am glad it was that way and not having to go through that with your kids as well. Anyway, I am glad you are ok.

Kim said...

That is awful, I am glad you are ok!

Frugal Finds said...

I was very happy the kids were not with me. I ended up standing outside my car until a few more cars stopped behind me. I was afraid that I was going to sit there and get hit so I felt safer standing up a hill from my car. I also went walking in search of a cell connection.
The kids had gotten on the bus and headed in the opposite direction so I was worried about them getting off the mountain safely too. Turns out, the slid a little too but made it to school safe. Thank goodness!

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