Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I was out the door right behind the school bus this morning, headed to the grocery store. I hit 2 stores with my coupons. I spent $110. That will last me 2 weeks. I will need to pick up dog food later this week but I will grab it at Target when I stop to get a script filled tomorrow... my dog food is $2.00 a bag cheaper there. I was back home by 10:30 for a few hours of work. This afternoon we will make a quick trip to the library for free movies, books and magazines. We are getting a little snow today. Dinner will be hamburger bbq, mac and cheese and broccoli. American idol tonight!!
How Did Your Hear About Febreze: NOTICEables - coupons
Fiber One® Cereal free sample of a yummy flavor!
Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce-BBQ Sauce-Seasoning Salt-Steak Sauce an oldie but a goodie... sent to by blog reader Kim.


Mom2fur said...

When something around here isn't on sale, Target is a good place to buy it. They really do seem to be cheaper than anyone else. They take coupons, too. Of course, I'd always opt to buy something on sale with a double coupon at the grocery. But sometimes, you just need something and it isn't on sale. (Milke is an example. Target seems about a dollar cheaper a gallon!)

Anonymous said...

My kids don't like the flavor of the milk from Target. They do have the best grocery prices around with their Velveeta S&C always $1.50/box, Spag Os .60c/can, staples like that at good prices are always nice.

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